Saturday, March 31, 2001

this one is another one i really like. i like the color, the forest green type thing. and evercare makes a good product. and it's packaged so nice and neat. so enjoy, my friends...

Friday, March 30, 2001

yes, it had to be that big. i thought it should take up most of the page, really. i mean... so many lint rollers! it looks like some sort of native american town, doesn't it? a reservation of lint roller huts. or a city of lint rollers. an entire civilization!

all so organized.. stacked, each with their labels neatly showing. in small groups, pyramids, fans...oh, it just takes my breath away.

it's amazing. that's what it is... amazing.
however, this may be the most amazing picture i have ever seen of lint rollers. and even if it is not, it COMPLETELY belongs at this page. i mean, it may have been made for this page. just look here, feast your eyes on this... MASTERPIECE:

but still, yet again, i return to...

i must admit, that last one looked pretty snazzy... i mean, orange and all... wow...
and this one's magical:

the world of lint rollers continues to amaze me...

check it out! the "portable pocket/purse sticky lint roller!"

check out those colors!

did you think i had given up? have faith, dear readers!! lint girl is still here, finding lint rollers across the net!

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

if nothing else, i bet i use the phrase "lint roller" more than any other blog.
i need more pictures of lint rollers. i will find them, of course, but maybe i should create a way for you, those interested in the world of lint rollers, to send me pictures and links to other sites regarding lint rollers.
if you don't have at least one already, you should go out and buy a lint roller.
so many different designs, colors, shapes. even number of lint sheets. different scents (cinnamon-apple, spring-scented, unscented).

what an amazing device the lint roller is.
though this one is still, by far, my favorite. i don't know why. maybe it's the simplicity of it, the basic beauty, that makes it so pleasing to me:

i mean, how can you not like this one?

spring scented, too!
and check out these cinnamon-apple scented rollers!

ok, so not quite a roller, but still:

and my moment of triumph...


and hey, isn't that a cool one? it looks all high tech...

i'll keep you on your toes, waiting for the next one...
yes, this is a page about lint rollers. no, i am not insane. oh, wait. cancel that second one.

anyway, i'm doing this for a very important reason that i can't share with any of you...

but trust me, it's going to be cool.

unless it isn't.