Saturday, April 21, 2001

woo, look at this one! south korean lint rollers! and so artistic!!

check it out. a lovely color, and look at the pretty faucet as it soaks the beautiful lint roller. ah. perfection.
is this the same as the one below? the one below looks orange, and this one seems pink, but is that just my eyesight playing tricks?

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

there are so many lint rollers out there. and an amazing amount of pictures of them available on the web...

look, a lint roller in action! oooh.

Monday, April 16, 2001

Sunday, April 15, 2001

i knew you all were dying for more lint rollers, and, well, i had to comply! where would i be without the love of you, my fans?

ok, no, i know i'm just fooling myself. you are not my fans. you are just like me, fans of the wonder of lint rollers. but i am proud to serve them, to educate the world!
with much help from malcolm, i found these:

pretty impressive, i think. check out the homepage while you're there...
so many more people interested in the world of lint rollers than i thought. i am so glad!

here, look at what a fellow fan made and left in my guestbook:
i appreciate this person

i have not been updating this site as much as i could, but i will work on it more. with the guestbook, if people leave pictures and things, i can add them (like the lovely picture above, and the link in the posts below). so keep signing!

and i'll find you more pictures, too, my devoted fans!
wow. to all the people who signed my guestbook, i salute you! i didn't know so many people actually came here, and it's so nice i've made an impact in people's views on lint rollers. and look, i even got a link about lint rollers. complete with diagram. wow. i really enjoyed bill, number 7 i believe. i'm glad someone else appreciates these creations as i do!

check out that link! it's very informative!